• Cat Scratch Post (Made from a Maple Stump)

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    Cat Scratch Post (Made from a Maple Stump)

    Beautifully hand crafted (Carved) Maple cat scratching post.
    Adds uniqueness to your home along with functionality.  
    Scratcher is to promote cat(s) to scratch on wood instead of your curtains.
    This is a one of a kind just like any tree stump is.

    The inside was hand carved to make it functional and also to bring out the beauty in the piece.  
    This stump has been coated with polyurethane.
    Will bring beauty to your home along with entertainment for your cat(s).

    If once you receive you don't want your cats using it.   Here are some other ideas:
    - Landscape d├ęcor
    - Planter
    - Water feature
    - Or anything else you could think of...

    Weight of the stump is 45 lbs


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